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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Interest Rates - Make the changes work for you!

The recent increase in interest rates have many people uncertain about the future and their ability to purchase a home, but it is a lot more achievable than you might imagine!

With the right tools and know-how building your own home can have a huge range of advantages that you may not even know about. That's why Cunic Homes have partnered with RAMS Home Loan Centre Tasmania to help provide the information you need and help along every step of the way.

"Rates in July 2019 averaged 3.5% for new business, July 2021 saw many options under 2% & some very fortunate people got to lock in a Fixed rate for 3 or even 5 years. Now we are heading back to the norm. Even with the June 2022 0.5% increase, you can still obtain a rate under 3% - which is still cheap money.

You may feel you have missed the boat on cheap home loan rates, but all current home loans will eventually be back on similar rates.

The costs associated with a new Home are surprising less than an existing – particularly if you are eligible for First Home Owner Grants ($30,000 extended to 30/6/2023). Minimum required deposit on a new home can be $45,000 or more less - $35,000 may get you into a brand new home of your choice, whereas $80,000 is needed to cover all costs and deposit on an existing home of same value!

There are many options available for your new home loan, including SMARTSTART where you pay nothing till you move in.
To find out if you qualify, or just for some guidance or good advice, please contact RAMS Tas and we will look after you!"


Colin Kelly - Loans Manager - RAMS Home Loan Centre Tasmania

To request a free, no-obligation call back from RAMS get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Here's a great example of the sort of savings you might see when building a new home as compared to purchasing an existing one!

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