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Thursday, October 10, 2019

5 Bathroom trends here to stay

2019 has bought many design trends and bathroom trends however, Cunic homes have put together 5 trends we think will be sticking around to see the next decade.

Image: Ronnie and Georgia (The Block)

Freestanding baths

Ooh lala - We love when our clients go with a freestanding bath. Not only can a freestanding bath allow your bathroom to feel more spacious but it gives it a sense of luxury. Different shapes, profiles and now even colours the options are endless. You can have the mixer on the wall or have a floor mounted mixer.

Rain shower heads

Gone are the days of small rail showers - even though we have found some rail showers we love such as the Abey Monza rail we live for a rain shower head, whether its profile is square or round.

You can have the shower head installed vertically or horizontally. Most of these come in a range of colours from bronze, black to chrome.

Black Fittings

Now, we did think that the all black everything in terms of fittings would be a passing trend but we think it’s here to stay. It seems that no matter the combination or contrast in the colour selections or the design it always works.

Creating a modern slightly darker mood within the bathroom. Where there is natural light in a bathroom the contrast of the black really seems to shine.

Mirrors in all shapes and sizes

Mirrors will always be apart of bathrooms but we’ve noticed lately that the new trend is all different kinds of mirrors. It is because of this that the cunic homes selection team think these different profiles are sticking around.

The images speak for themselves… Which would you choose?

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