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Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Ever looked at your kitchen and felt you needed a little kitchen splashback idea? You're not alone. We've all been there, staring blankly at our kitchens, wondering how to make them shine again.

A well-chosen splashback can transform the mundane into magical. It's like finding that perfect accessory for an outfit or putting the cherry on top of a sundae.

In this guide, we'll explore everything from material choices to design considerations. You'll learn how colours and patterns can bring life to your kitchen, how textures add depth, and why lighting matters more than you think.

We won't shy away from practical stuff either – maintenance is just as crucial as aesthetics when picking out your ideal splashback idea!

Ready? Let's turn those bland walls into something worth cooking against!

Choose the Right Splashback Material

Your kitchen splashback can be a striking feature. But, beyond aesthetics, it's about choosing the right material that balances style and functionality.

Glass is a well-liked pick for its chic style and straightforward upkeep. This Houzz article dives into more detail on glass as a splashback material.

Ceramic Tiles: A Timeless Option

Ceramic tiles are another option offering vast design choices due to their variety in colour and pattern availability. They're also heat-resistant which makes them practical around cooking areas.

Engineered Stone: For Luxury Feel

If you're after luxury, consider engineered stone which is widely available in Tasmania. It is easy to keep clean and a low maintenance option that brings a level of elegance to your kitchen.

Metallic Finish: For Modern Kitchens

A metallic finish gives an ultra-modern feel but needs careful cleaning to avoid scratches. Better Homes & Gardens explains more here.

In essence, weigh up what matters most - looks or low-maintenance? Discuss the material that best suits your lifestyle with your Cunic Homes client consultants who have firsthand experience of helping customers find perfect matches.

Give your kitchen a stylish edge. Whether it's the sleek glass, timeless ceramic tiles, luxurious engineered stone or ultra-modern metallic finish - find the perfect balance between looks and maintenance. #KitchenDesign #SplashbackIdeas Click to Tweet

Consider Your Kitchen Design

When choosing a splashback, it's crucial to think about how it will fit into your overall kitchen design. A well-chosen splashback can seamlessly blend with the rest of your kitchen decor, creating a harmonious and cohesive look.

The choice of material and colour should be in harmony with your countertops and cabinetry. For instance, if you have stone countertops, consider using stone for your splashback too. This continuity can help create an elegant flow within the space.

If you're working with smaller kitchens, mirrored or glossy finished materials are brilliant options as they reflect light around the room making it feel more spacious. But remember that darker colours may make the area seem smaller than it actually is.

When deciding on materials, consider how your lifestyle might affect the choice. If you love cooking but hate cleaning up stubborn stains from sauces splashing everywhere then opting for easy-to-clean materials like glass could save lots of scrubbing time.

Revamp your kitchen with a splashback that suits both style and function. Consider matching materials for elegance, use reflective finishes in smaller spaces, or opt for easy-to-clean glass if you're cooking-obsessed but cleaning-averse. #KitchenDesign #HomeDecor Click to Tweet

Utilise Color and Pattern

Adding colour to your kitchen splashback can transform the entire space. But remember, it's not just about choosing a bold shade. The pattern you choose is equally important in creating an eye-catching design.

Firstly, consider the colour palette of your kitchen. If it’s mostly neutral tones, think about using a vibrant hue for your splashback as a contrasting element. You might be surprised at how much life a dash of colour can give to the room.

You could go with traditional subway tiles in a striking blue or opt for glossy red herringbone tiles - these options add both colour and pattern to play up visual interest.

Incorporate Patterns

Patterning doesn't need to be overly complicated either; even simple geometric designs can have high impact when done right.

A monochromatic chevron layout lends sophistication while Moroccan-inspired patterns offer exotic charm. For more inspiration on combining color and pattern effectively, check out this great guide from Homes To Love.

The Role of Grout Colour

Last but certainly not least: don’t overlook grout. It plays an essential role too in highlighting patterns by defining each tile’s shape.

If you're after subtlety, match grout with tile colours; contrast them if drama is what you seek.

Remember, when it comes to your kitchen splashback design, a blend of colour and pattern can be just the ticket to creating that unique style statement you're after.

Time to shake up your kitchen? Think beyond just bold colours. Pair striking patterns with vibrant hues on your splashback. Don't forget the grout – it's a game-changer too. #KitchenMakeover Click to Tweet

Incorporate Textures

Textures can truly elevate your kitchen splashback design. Textures can truly make a difference to your kitchen splashback design, not only bringing in an extra layer of interest but also giving it a tactile quality that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

The choice of texture depends on your personal style. If you fancy something rustic, then natural stone might be for you. With its uneven surface, it creates a unique look with lots of character. Here's an expert guide on using natural stone in kitchen designs.

On the other hand, if modern aesthetics are more up your alley, consider materials like glass or polished metal which provide smooth textures and clean lines.

Mixing Different Textures

A trend growing in popularity is combining different textures for one-of-a-kind looks. For instance, pairing glossy tiles with rough wood adds contrast while creating a visually appealing balance between old-world charm and contemporary sleekness.

This mix-and-match approach allows you to get creative; there are no set rules here. But remember: cohesion is key when blending various textures together - make sure they complement each other rather than clashing.

Maintaining Texture Quality

No matter what texture type you choose – maintaining its quality will need some effort from your side. Regular cleaning ensures these surfaces stay as beautiful as day one.

Cunic Homes' team, have firsthand experience in advising homeowners on the best care practices for various splashback materials. We can help you choose and maintain your textured kitchen splashback.

Texture up your kitchen. Go rustic with natural stone or modern with glass. Mix and match for a unique look, but keep it cohesive. Remember to care for your splashback to maintain its beauty. #KitchenDesign #SplashbackIdeas Click to Tweet

Utilise Lighting Effects

Lights are not just for illuminating spaces; they're tools to accentuate the style of your kitchen splashback. Consider under-cabinet lighting, which can make a real impact. It's like putting a spotlight on an actor during their best performance.

This approach adds depth and drama to your design while making sure you've got enough light where it counts most - right by your food prep area. You don't want shadows creeping in when you're chopping vegetables or measuring ingredients. Houzz has some great advice on this topic.

Pendant Lights for Splashbacks

If you fancy something more distinctive, why not use pendant lights? They create focal points above the worktops and offer practicality too because they give direct light onto the workspace below them.

A row of mini pendants hung at different heights creates an artistic display that draws attention to both your splashback and its lighting scheme simultaneously. That's a great way to get two benefits in one go.

LED Strips – The Unsung Heroes

You might be surprised how much difference LED strip lights can make when installed along the edge of a glass or acrylic splashback. These unsung heroes provide subtle yet effective illumination, creating striking visual effects without overpowering other elements in the room.

Remember though, balance is key here as overdoing it could take away from other design features.

Get creative but keep functionality in mind - after all, this isn’t just about aesthetics but also ensuring we have ample light where we need it.

Brighten up your kitchen. Use under-cabinet lighting to highlight your splashback, add drama with pendant lights or create subtle effects with LED strips. Remember - it's not just about style but also practicality. #KitchenDesign #LightingIdeas Click to Tweet

Create Visual Interest with Shapes

Thinking outside the box, quite literally, can help give your kitchen splashback a unique touch. Consider moving away from traditional rectangular tiles and play around with different shapes. You could be amazed at how altering the form of your tiles can completely alter the style of your kitchen.

Trapezoid or hexagonal shaped tiles, for example, are becoming increasingly popular choices among homeowners looking to make their kitchens stand out. They add an element of surprise and break up the monotony that comes with regular square or rectangular designs.

The best part is you're not limited to just one shape; mixing different shapes in a thoughtful manner could lead to interesting patterns that become conversation starters during those family gatherings or parties. But remember – it’s crucial that all these elements harmonise well together for a cohesive overall design.

Mosaic Tiles - A Multitude Of Shapes In One Splashback.

If deciding on one tile shape seems daunting, why not use multiple? Mosaic tiles offer this flexibility by bringing many small pieces together into an attractive whole. These come in various materials like glass and ceramic which allow you more room for creativity due to their versatile nature. Houzz offers some great examples of mosaic splashbacks done right.

In conclusion: don't shy away from using uncommon tile shapes when designing your new kitchen splashback – they have the potential to turn your cooking area into a true showstopper.

Give your kitchen a fresh twist. Consider using trapezoid or hexagonal tiles for the splashback. It's not just about being unique, but creating conversation starters too. Don't forget, mosaic offers versatility and room for creativity. #KitchenRevamp #Splashback Click to Tweet

Consider Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining your kitchen splashback doesn't have to be a chore if you pick the right material. Certain materials, such as glass and stainless steel, are effortless to clean - just give them a fast rub with a moist cloth and they'll be like new.

On the other hand, tiles can require more elbow grease due to grout lines which tend to collect dirt. But don’t let that put you off. With some clever choices in tile design and grout cleaning techniques, this task becomes manageable.

FAQs in Relation to Kitchen Splashback Ideas

What is the best material for a kitchen splashback?

Glass reigns supreme as it's sleek, easy to clean and offers endless colour options. But your choice depends on your style and budget.

What is the trend in kitchen splashbacks?

Mirrored and metallic finishes are trending now, along with bold colours and geometric patterns. Remember, trends change - pick what you love.

Should backsplash be lighter or darker than countertop?

If contrast is key for you, go darker. For a seamless look, opt for lighter shades. It boils down to personal preference.


Revamping your kitchen? Begin with the correct stuff - it's essential. Glass, tiles or stainless steel - every choice has its pros and cons.

Your splashback should not just be functional but also fit seamlessly into your overall kitchen design. Colours and patterns can breathe life into a dull space while textures add that extra bit of depth.

Don't underestimate lighting either! It can highlight features you love about your splashback idea.

The shape of things matters too. Circles, triangles or hexagons – they all create unique visual interest in your kitchen design!

Maintenance isn’t glamorous but it's crucial when picking out ideal kitchen splashback ideas. All these tips are sure to help transform those bland walls into something worth cooking against!

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