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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Five top tips to help you design your new functional kitchen.

Whether its small and simple, elegant or industrial, every kitchen has the potential to be practical and functional (and beautiful as well!)... you just need to know where to start!

If you are a home builder looking to design a kitchen from scratch, or simply looking to adapt one of Cunic’s existing House and Land package designs to suit your lifestyle a little better, our New Home Consultants can show you how to boost your kitchen’s functionality and make it a space that really works for you!

Step 1. Before you get caught up in the excitement of picking your benchtops and splashbacks, sit back for just a minute and consider how you will use your kitchen.

Step 2. Get out a pen and paper – the back of an envelope will do! – and scribble down what is important to you in your new kitchen. Is it bench space? Prep space? Entertaining space or a place for the kids to perch and do their homework while you make dinner?

Step 3. Get planning! Think about:

  • The number of (physical) steps you’ll need to take.
    Try and visualise yourself in your new kitchen, and think about the space you have to walk around in. Minimise the number of steps you need to take when cooking, preparing food, or cleaning up.
  • Separate zones for different jobs.
    Just like Darren Palmer, you need to get excited about putting practical items next to each other (for example, your sink and dishwasher, or your rubbish bin and your prep area). Locating these zones – and the items that go in these zones – will make it a much more functional space, and help to make life in your new home much more enjoyable if you don’t have to scurry backwards and forwards across the kitchen just to make a coffee!
  • The shape you’ve got to play with.
    Kitchen layouts come in many shapes and sizes, and the space you have available will dictate to a certain extent where things will need to go. However, some floor plans work better in different spaces, so work out if you have a U-shape, G-shape, L-shape, or galley-style kitchen. If you’re not sure what will work best for you, ask one of our friendly New Home Consultants who will talk you through which floor plan will best maximise the space your have available.
  • Is an island bench going to be useful?
    Island benches are fantastic – if you design them and use them according to their function! If you want an island bench, make sure you know what the main purpose of this space will be... or you’ll end up using it as a dumping ground for keys, phones and other ‘stuff’ that is a symptom of modern life! Common reasons for installing an island bench include as a serving/preparation area or dining/multipurpose area. Another great function of an island bench is the way it can help you stay engaged with family/guests when they come over by incorporating a sink or cooktop into the design...
  • Bench space!
    Make sure you allow enough bench space either side of your appliances – in particular the cooktop – so that you have both prep space and a safe ‘clear’ space around your cooking area.

Step 4. Think about some of these great space saving tips.

If you don’t have a lot of room for a kitchen, you can still have a great functional space. You just have to think smart and be organised! Why not consider:

  • incorporating a pull-out pantry – there are some excellent designs available (just ask us to show you!)
  • designing a ‘tower oven’ (this can include a combination of oven, microwave and open space) and allows you to have more drawer space below your bench
  • installing overhead cupboards and a fridge box – these are always great ways to add in additional storage without taking up any extra floor space
  • including a sink package with a chopping board – this automatically gives you the option for additional bench space (plus you can hide your dirty dishes underneath the chopping board when people come to visit!)

Step 5. Contact us to find out more!

Get in touch to speak to one of the New Home Consultants about how we can help design the most beautiful and functional kitchen for your home today!

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