Frequently Asked Questions

What type of maintenance is available with my new home?
Your builder will provide maintenance for up to 13 weeks from when you take occupancy of your dream home.

Is my New Home insured while my builder is constructing it?
Yes, your house is insured under your builder’s “All Risk Construction” policy. Please note that the insurance expires upon issue of the Certificate of Occupancy.

The foundations are complete and my new home looks too small will it fit?
Yes, your new home will fit on the concrete or timber floor. It may appear too small, but this is a popular misconception at this stage of construction.

Can I have a key to my new home so I can access it when I want?
Your builder will be more than happy to take you through your new home. To arrange a viewing, contact our friendly staff during business hours with your requirements. With your safety in mind, we are unable to allow access to a construction site unaccompanied.

Can I discuss or instruct the builder’s sub-contractors when I visit the site as pre-arranged?
It is better if you do not discuss the work with sub-contractors. Any instructions or changes given to sub-contractors must only come from your builder. Due to requirements of the builder’s insurance policy, you should not visit the site unless you have permission from the builder.

What if I want to vary something in my dream home after signing the contract? What is the procedure?
It is essential to call your contact at Cunic Homes who will put your variations in writing for you to approve. This will ensure all changes are captured. Refer to our special conditions about variations which are requested after contract signing and colour selection.

Do post contract variations delay work on my dream home and cost more?
Variations requested after the colour selection has been completed can delay the progress and will cost more than adjustments made before the plans and specifications are finalised. It is better to avoid post-contract changes wherever possible.

When can my builder give me an approximate completion date of my dream home?
The completion of your new home is dependent upon Council requirements, weather, availability of materials, variations to the contract, etc. We can, however, give an approximate date of completion once we reach the fix out stage.

Can I keep any leftover building materials? What is the procedure?
Sometimes you may be able to keep excess materials (eg. bricks) but you must not do so unless you have written permission from the builder.

Who arranges connection of Electricity, Gas and Telephone?
Generally, it is the owner’s responsibility to arrange these services.