Cunic Homes App

Co-construct is web-based construction management software, designed with the construction needs of clients in mind. It allows Cunic Homes’ clients to easily access their building project through a user-friendly mobile application. This not only keeps clients in the loop, it also makes the progress of your build assessable any time of the day and from any location.


What will clients have access to when using Co-construct?

Once a client has completed a finishes selection with one of our Interior Selections Consultants, these choices for their new home or development will be uploaded to Co-construct. Clients will be able to access the full list of products chosen by using the mobile application. Clients can ensure all selections are as requested and access them at any time, acting as an added check and balance.

Similarly, throughout the construction process, a Cunic Homes Building Supervisor will upload progress photos. This is particularly interesting and exciting for first home builders and clients who aren’t local, allowing them to follow the construction process closely.


Cunic Homes will also provide a schedule for the build on Co-construct. The calendar feature will allow clients to see the suggested timeframe for each phase of the build and give them an indication of when they can expect the project completed.


Co-construct’s patented communication features break ground by allowing all parties to remain updated on all developments in real time. Co-construct captures, tracks and organises all communication related to the build so clients are kept in the loop every step of the way.

Cunic Homes have adopted the Co-construct software, that is both straightforward and user-friendly, to improve the customer experience. It is the nature of some custom builds that many changes to design and materials occur throughout the build process.

This system is designed with enough flexibility to capture and update revisions, mitigating delays and errors while providing an efficient and stress-free building experience.